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Climber Date Completed Hours to complete Remarks
Poonam Kritika, Nitesh, Roneel, Shilpa, Steven, Vrinda, Kavin, Chintan 30/05/2015 3.5 hours Challenging...but managed to overcome the self doubt!
Sarah Taoi 5/6/2014 2.5 hours An overwhelming experience to have finally reached the summit.
Steven 14/11/2013 5.5 return Great walk although it was difficult, but rewarding.
Eric Gilbertson Oct. 2012 2.1 hours return Everything worked out perfectly somehow. I left suva at 1pm in a 2wd rental car, arrived at Navai at 6pm with only a few new scratches under the car. I found the village chief and he was very surprised I wanted to go up that late, but I talked to him a bit and showed him a bunch of extra headlamps I'd brought and he said ok. My guides were three kids from the village. They were all barefoot and really wanted to get up to the top before sunset, so we ran a decent part of the way and got to the top in 1 hour, just in the nick of time before sunset. It didn't rain at all that day so that probably made the trail a lot easier than what it was on your rainy trip.
The chief invited me to sleep in his hut and have dinner with his family that night. We slept a few hours, then the chief and I got up at 3am and I gave him a ride down to Nadi to see his daughter, and I just made it for my morning flight.
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Ravinesh Kumar 9.6.2012 2.5 hours  
Roland Handel
Tiana Diep
27.3.2011 6 hours return Fantastic climb, despite the deluge of rain. Became very steep toward the summit. 
Martyn Gorman 1970-1973   We now live in Scotland but used to live in Suva. We regularly stayed at the old Methodist Rest House in Nadarivautu and climbed Mount Victoria at least 5 times between 1970 and 1973. I can still vividly recall the wonderful cloud forest at the summit. Thank you for stirring our memories!


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